Friday, April 23, 2010

A Woman's Voice

I recently attended the Women's Studies Research Symposium on campus and listened to a very interesting speaker from The Ohio State University, Linda Mizejewski. She is a professor of women's studies herself and has written books on how women are treated in pop culture. The purpose of her speech at the symposium was to give the audience a preview of her new book entitled "Women on Top," which discusses women's place in the comedy world.

One part of her speech mentioned "bodies" in pop culture, mainly how women are viewed compared to men and what is considered beautiful by the masses. I thought it was a very intriguing topic and decided to share a bit with you to show how we, as humans, have the tendency to create certain standards when it comes to attractiveness in society.

I apologize for the audio. My voice recorder is on the verge of a breakdown...

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